Ford Fiesta ST Review

Ford Fiesta ST Review

Ford Fiesta ST Review

If you’re looking for a hot hatch then the Ford Fiesta ST will defiantly be on your list. It’s gained a large following for its torquey engine and its superb chassis balance, but what is it like to live with every day. We will start from the looks.

The Ford Fiesta ST is quite an aggressive looking car and stands out a mile against a standard Ford Fiesta. Twin pipe exhaust at the back with a large boot spoiler and just an ST badge on boot. That large honeycomb grill dominates the front look of the car along with the side skirts. 17″ wheel are standard but un less you option the style pack they are painted sliver not grey, not selecting the style pack also means you lose the tinted windows.

Deciding which Ford Fiesta ST to go for is easy there are 3 models ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3. We recommend the st-2 as its represents the best value for money and not lacking too many features. The ST-2 has projector headlight, led daytime running lights, keyless start, Sony head unit, heated seats and part leather seats all of which you lose on the ST-1. ST-3 on the other hand adds Fords key free system, auto headlights, rain sensing wipers, satnav, duel zone climate control and power folding mirrors.

Ford Fiesta ST ReviewPopping the bonnet will reveal the 1.6 180bhp 290nm eco boost engine. it’s the toque that dominates this engine, it pulls hard from low down and has an 0-60 time of 6.7 sec and a top speed of 139mph. With mixed drive we see a mpg of around 38 witch is brilliant for all fun it brings. Now some of these engine do have some problems, few owners have complained about a knocking sound when the engine is hot which is thought to be caused by incorrect tolerances in the engine. So if buying used make sure the car is warm after test driving and have a good listen to the engine idle, so far at the time of writing Fords fix is to change the oil grade. But providing all is good it’s a fantastic reeve engine and loads of fun when on boost.

Handling is the fiestas party peace. Steering is a little light but the response is grate and feels amazing when the front tyre loads up under corning. Combining this with a well-tuned chassis makes it so responsive you can really tell that this is a proper hot hatch and has been well developed. One down side is the rock hard springs, sometime on our British roads the ride is real bad. Like proper bad, it can crash around and running over a pot hole sends a thud though the hole car, not nice. Although the Mountune (a Ford tuning specialist) spring upgrade is available to take away the hardness, without losing and of the handling goodness. Plus we’ve heard nothing but good things about the kit, so we will defiantly be giving them a go.

Inside the ST is grate we like the design a lot. Yes there are far too many buttons on the radio and it’s a nightmare to work out and navigate, but don’t let this put you off the fiesta drives far too well for this to effect any judgement. Recaro seats are very supportive but are on the slim side, so if you’re of larger build you’ll be sat on them not in them. Some plastics are not grate but again the build quality is not too bad, however rattles seem to be standard from the factory, but it is based on a cheepo Fiesta after all. One thing you will notice inside the cabin when accelerating is the induction nose. It sounds ok but it’s loud and you can tell exactly where in the cabin its coming from. Which leaves passengers saying “why is there engine nose coming from the glove box” all in all you do get used to it.

Ford Fiesta ST Review

To some up then if you’re looking for a hot hatch you have to take a ford fiesta ST out for a drive. They are a proper little car and offer pretty much everything from superb practicality and running costs, to performances that sets it apart from its rivals. Yes of course it’s not built like an Audi but that’s not what it’s about, and we really can’t recommend one enough.


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