Let’s face it buying a brand new car is pretty awesome, especially so if it’s your dream car. But whatever you’ve gone for the chances are you want to keep it looking its best for as long as you can. And why wouldn’t you, not only looking after you dream machine will be rewarding it will, also help keep its resale value at its highest. Here are our detailing tips for a new car we recommend for a mighty shine. 

So where does it start, what are the best detailing tips for a new car. Well it starts in the show room believe it or not, you want to ask them if you can take the car UN washed and UN prepared. They will look at you like a total nutter or understand why you have ask for this request. No matter how much you spend whether it’s a FIAT OR BMW they all work on the same principle’s the more they turn around the more money they make. And a brand new car needs as much attention as 5 year old car. Now that’s not to say the job they do is rubbish, in fact I bet most of their customers are delighted by the prep. But for the real nerdy car guys swirls are not cool.

Also I wouldn’t bother with any dealer sealants or coating no matter how much they try and sell them to you. You can buy far better products from an on-line detailing specialist at a fraction of the cost they demand. We will go over theses later on, but for now we will look at the first steps in preparing your new car and the best detailing tips for a new car.




You either going to love cleaning them or hate it, but with the right tool it’s not too bad. You’ll need a wash mitt that you only use for your wheels this Dodo Juice Supernatural Merino Wheel Mitt is ideal, high quality acid free wheel cleaner and a bucket, that again you only use for your wheels. Start by hosing off any lose dirt and filling the bucket with clean water, and spray the wheel with your chosen wheel cleaner. Next agitate the dirt with your Wheel Cleaning Brush brush also going over the tyre, using the wash mitt for getting into the barrel of the wheel.



The two bucket method has been around a while in the detailing world. Simply means one bucket for washing and one for rinsing you wash mitt in. Again a high quality wash mitt like the Microfiber Madness Wash Mitt is a good investment, fill one bucket with your car shampoo (preferably a PH neutral shampoo like Chemical Guys Mr.Pink Super Suds Shampoo) and the other with clean water. Start by washing the roof first and work around the car and rinsing your wash mitt after every panel. Dry the vehicle with a plush drying towel, don’t scrub the paint dry light pressure just to soak up the water.


The third tip in the best detailing tips for a new car is Claying. Claying is used to remove any contaminants that sit on the paint and that are not removed with in the washing stage. You may think a brand new car would not need claying but you are far wrong. Cars can be sat months in a compound waiting to be delivered and in this time, dirt railway dust and fallout attaches to the paint. so a clay kit if perfect for the job, start buy appalling a lot of clay lube and working one panel at a time, with not too much presser.

Meguiar’s Quik Clay Starter Kit



polishingHand polishing will remove any light swirls or scratches in the paint to bring out a nice shine. Apply A small of polish amount to a polishing pad and work with light pressure in one small are at a time. Buffing of the residue with a clean micro fibber cloth. Here we are using  Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze Paint Glaze which fills in light imperfections rather than removing them, but a grate hand polish like AutoGlym Super Resin Polish 500ml will be perfect.






Waxing or applying a sealant to your car will give it protection against the elements i.e. bird droppings, fallout. Tree sap, railway dust and anything else that’s nasty to your paint. It also helps dirty sticking to the paint making washing safer. Depending whether you go wax or sealant is up to you, Sealants tend to last longer put we prefer a wax. We can highly recommend Collinite 845 Insulator Wax as this has fantastic durability and is ease to apply, a little goes a long way so it will last you ages. You should at least be able to see 6 months protection out of two layers. Wash weekly with a PH neutral shampoo and follow up with a quick detailing spray to maintain shine and protection. There you go hoped you like are best detailing tips for a new car, and remember have fun.

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